Let's play a completely different game...


lol ɹoʇɐɹʇsıuıɯpɐ
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Well, as I've almost always have been speaking/interacting with people on the Internet - I've often found myself with an imagined image of what that person would look like.
And almost every time it's been pretty much the opposite of what was in my mind.

So why not make a game of it?
There's no need to be shy nor hold back.
Rules are simple, find an image on Google somewhat matching what you had in mind - and post it.
Make sure to tag the username of the person you could see matching the picture.
The person tagged will then post a real picture of themselves and nominate someone else.

You are not forced to post a picture, a no is a no (but where's the fun in that? ;)).
Simply keep the ball rolling by nominating someone else.
This'll hopefully bring some laughs, let's rock!


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Dammit, how do I tag? lol

edited to add....

nvm, think I got it. :)

edited again...lol

nope, that didn't work
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lol ɹoʇɐɹʇsıuıɯpɐ
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Hahahaha oh wow, that one got me and my girlfriend chuckling for a good while!
I'll take that long blonde hair in consideration, it looks fabulous!

You're in for a shock though! I'll restore the order of the nominations by letting Timanetor reply to Twinnie. ;)
And here's the shocker;


Also - simply tag someone by typing an @-sign followed by the username on the forum, I fixed your post Twinnie!


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test @Timanetor

There we go :) I tried to use the BB code but didn't know the user#. Always making things too complicated, I am. ;) Let's see the goods, Timmeh!


I think everyone got too excited to follow the rules, it's a compliment! I wanted to delete my posts when I went back to read how we were supposed to play properly buttttttttttt I'm apologizing instead! <3 LOVE YOU KNAS