Let's play a completely different game...


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I think everyone got too excited to follow the rules, it's a compliment! I wanted to delete my posts when I went back to read how we were supposed to play properly buttttttttttt I'm apologizing instead! <3 LOVE YOU KNAS
hahaha yes, agree! Who cares about order when there's fun to be had?


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Sat, I totally did NOT picture you with red hair! Cool-o...thanks for posting. :) Is that pic from a convention?

As for the rest of you, lots of nominations posted, very few selfies..........;)


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Took a picture at work today, I am actually the statue with my 12ish year old companion seen above. Now @girrraffe has to uphold her end of the bargain. ;)

I really want to see a photo of the lovely couple @Zawzome and @xtinamc
But, I am also Tagging @Atlas and @Ranger who I assume collectivly look something like this VV
[Broken External Image]:http://nerd.sarkisozlerik.com/2014images/n/nerd-7.jpg

Here is our friend @Timanetor hard at work. Caption: "No, no, no! STAGE left. YOUR left, idiot!"
This is exactly how I would picture myself at times. xD