lol ɹoʇɐɹʇsıuıɯpɐ
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As some of you have already noticed - we're back.
I can't apologize enough for the lengthy downtime, caused by problems on my behalf.

Rest assured, this is a matter of the past - all server activity including Tekkitopia has been moved to the US and will stay there to ensure lengthy uptime, majorly configured and maintained by @nsgb.

I unfortunately do not wish to discuss the matters I've had in a public statement, if the curiosity is killing you - I would not frown upon a PM questioning it. :)

I'm looking forward to greet you all once again in the land of Anembra.
Happy building folks!


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Hooray! So good to see you back Knas! And so sorry to know that you have been having a difficult time. You don't owe anyone an explanation or a play-by-play account; I just hope you know that lots of people have been thinking of you and wishing you well. :) This year is only 1/2 over...I hope the rest of it makes up for this last sucky part.

Game on!