What happened!?


lol ɹoʇɐɹʇsıuıɯpɐ
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As you've inevitably noticed the website was down for an extended period.

Initially, I contacted the webhost as I wanted the website moved due to the IP being flagged for spam.
Most likely caused by someone using the same provider to send out masses of email.
Therefore I was unable to send mail to most of you from the forum and I wanted the move.

Due to the move they firstly managed to rollback the content ~a month - and I requested them to bring it back to date.
Due to a misunderstanding the wrong database was copied and we were back to square one.

In addition to a somewhat slow response from the host, I'm in the middle of a IRL move process and I was unable to stay on top of it around the clock.

We're now finally back to where we were and the website's once again running smoothly.
Tekkitopia's still down until they've managed to get the correct database in place, but that'll hopefully be fixed soon aswell.

Sorry for the downtime folks!


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Wow Kapten, sounds like you have been having some fun times! Thanks for all your hard work getting things back up especially in the midst of such a busy personal time. Best of luck with the move and I hope your new home is a haven to you and yours.

Looking forward to resuming my anembra time. I have a new goal...the town needs some cats and dogs and I have set up camp in the jungle to find a kitty. Wish me luck XD


Welcome back! :D I wasn't languishing or anything...

I'll buy a kitty from you, Twinnie! I've been hunting for one for a while as well.


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Girr my lovely...I would gladly GIVE you a kitty...but...don't you have to tame them yourself to make them obey you? Does anyone know? I have spotted 2 so far but too skittish to catch. Third time lucky?


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The vanilla server anembra is down, but the modded tekkitopia server is up. Adding to the confusion is the tekkitopia website is down, redirecting traffic here.