Wessik Trading "city" of Krevs


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To the poor man looking to make it large, buying is an essential. Buying cheap is best and what better than Wessik?
Here at Wessik we are aiming to sell everything imaginable from dirt to strippers.

4 brown wool
Stores open:
Warriors Covet
Bows - 1:.11g
Arrows - 32:.11g
Golden sword - 1:.11g
Leather - 32:1g
Gold Helmets - 1:.55g
Gold Chestplate - 1:1g
Gold Pants - 1: .55g
Gold Boots - 1:.44g
Famine's Salvation
Hay Bale - 3:.11g
Carrots - 48:1g
Baked Potatoes - 48:1g
Steak - 32:1g
Cookies - 25:.11g
Apples - 8:.33g
Melon - 16:.11g
Poisonous Potato - 8:.11g
Eggs - 32:.11g
Desert's Oasis
Pumpkins - 8:1g
Pumpkin seeds - 16:.11g
Oak Saplings - 32:.11g
Spruce saplings - 16:.11g
Sugar cane - 32:.11g
Seeds - 128:.11g
Cactus - 8:.11g
Cocoa beans - 32:.11g
Nether wart - 16:.11g
Sand - 16:.55g
Sandstone - 16:.55g
Chisled sandstone - 24:.55g
Smoothstone - 32:.55g
Bone - 64:.11g
Nether Shop
Netherrack - 64:.11g
Soul sand - 64:1g
Nether Brick - 16:1g
Glowstone Dust - 24:1g
Nether Quartz - 64:.22g
Winter Shop

Snow - 32:.11g
Snowball - 48:.11g
Packed Ice - 64:1g
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