Welcome (back)!


lol ɹoʇɐɹʇsıuıɯpɐ
Staff member
We're here, once again - as a vanilla server intended for the aged and mature people of the world.
Even though we're mostly old-schoolers that still lurk around our forums for now I'm certain people will find it's way here and stay as always before.

For those interested in that sorta thing, our server will be running Spigot for performance enhancements with fun - but not game-breaking plugins.
Basically plugins that give you something enjoyable, to simplify but at a cost. If it gives a greater advantage, it'll sure as hell cost more.
The general idea is an enjoyable environment for each person to enjoy, wether it's a casual or constant gamer.
Some changes towards what you were used to may apply, to keep the server as self-driven as possible.

Our rules will shortly be re-written and re-posted, for now - use common sense!

Happy building ya'll. :)