Tree Top Trading Co.


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Tree Top Trading Co.
"Always in The Green"

Tree Top Trading one of the only Trading Companies of Anembra with global ambitions. Tree Top Trading Co. employees any player who wishes to start an Shop outpost. Founded and Managed by Timanetor in Phoenix, Tree Top Trading was first established in Riviera in late 2011.

Tree Top Trading Co. Specializes in a number of goods although each shop may have unique items for sale in it. Players however can always relay on the 5 staples of Minecraft being sold at any shop; these are: Stone, Wood, Coal, Iron, and a general food. Most shops will sell wool, but supply is often low so don’t be surprised if wool is sold out.

Tree Top Trading classifies its shops into two categories, Full Shops and Small shops. Full shops are usually in a town, large, and have many items for sale; they are also re-stocked often. Small Shops are usually smaller and contain more essential items. They are also re-stocked less and may be found in the wilderness.

Shop List:
Phoenix Shop HQ - #001

How to Join:
Interested in joining the Tree Top Trading Team? Speak with or Private Message @Timanetor about a variety of special financing options and default sales strategy.

If you wish to request a location for new trading post to be built, request to lower prices, or request to own a shop, please contact Timanetor through Private Message or Live chat.