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The Town of Phoenix

Welcome to the Town of Phoenix, a town united under one flag and open to all.

Located near a beautiful lush forest, snowy hills, and a large bay; our town is in an idyllic location. Located west of spawn, Phoenix is a popular stop for traders, making our economy very robust. Phoenix is open to all players. Embassy plots are available to players who already belong to other towns.

Coming to visit or coming to stay, we want you! Best of all Phoenix is only a few minutes down the railway, West of Teralon! We beseech you reading this to come and visit our proud Town. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even stay?

Town Pledge:
I pledge my Allegiance, To the Rulers of the Phoenix. Under the flag in which they stand, To One Town and its people, and to greater good in which they serve. For Peace, Justice, And Freedom.

Town Law
- No Greifing
- No Stealing
- No Destroying Bridges, Railings, Or Any Town Property
- Pay All Taxes and Fees
- Follow Anembra Rules

Town Facts
Mayor: Timanetor
Assistant: Zawzome
Colors: Red, Black, White
Signature: 4 Netherrack
Tax: 0%
Plot Price: 3-10 gold


Phoenix Subsidies

Elite Builder Program
Our Town is the proud Inventor and Sponsor of the Elite Builder Program©
This Program Is made for people who are advanced at building structures, especially homes and shops.
The Town of Phoenix wants elite builders to join. The Elite Builder Program does three things.

1. Pays for the whole cost of any plot
2. Gives access to the cheap building supplies
3. Gives you a new set of Iron+ Tools!

The Elite Builder Program is only available to those who have been on the server more than five days. Although, it should be noted that an inspection of buildings the player has made will be necessary to check if he/she is qualified. As always we are happy to accommodate new faces in our town, So even if you are not a good builder but still need some help, feel free to ask any of the town officials.

Newbie Program
Our Town is the proud Inventor and Sponsor of the Newbie Program©
This Program helps those who needs it most, people new to the server.
The Town of Phoenix understands the confusion and overwhelming feeling of those who are new to Anembra. The Newbie Program does three things.

1. Pays for the part of plot price.
2. Gives those new a place of protection.
3. Gives Information on how to use the server and introductions to important places, commands, and people.

The Newbie program is only available to those who have been on the server less than three days. Although it should be noted that we cannot cover the lot price, you will have to come up with the money of the lot price before joining. As always we are happy to accommodate new faces in our town, So even if you are not new but still need some financial help, feel free to ask any of the town officials.

Town permissions
Town residents are able to build, destroy, switch and even use items.

In unowned sections of Phoenix on area/plots with town building or town infrastructure, or on plots for sale, town residents are not allowed to build, destroy, ect. without the mayors permission. If you do build outside your ploy you should remember that it is automatically public property and is not protected unless the plot it is in is claimed by you.

Permissions are a privilege and need to be treated with respect. If this privilege is abused then it will be taken away. If you have any questions ask a town official.


The History of Phoenix
Although the current Phoenix has only been around for a short while, The town itself has a very rich and interesting history that spans across a number of updates and server resets. This is the Phoenix Timeline.

Late June 2011 - Mountainia Is Developed by Timanetor and Trobeed in Creativity Unlimited. No picture records exists. Server Host shuts down shortly after taking the server map with it.

August 2011 - A new server is made, Anembra comes to existence, A Role Playing server. The Town of Phoenix is made by Timanetor and Trobeed as an Assistant and is one of the few decent towns on the server. Valeria Town is also made and the lifelong rivalry was formed. Some pictures exist:

[Broken External Image]:https://public.blu.livefilestore.co...Nn0HV51_ENFEFA/2011-08-19_17.55.35.png?psid=1

[Broken External Image]:https://public.blu.livefilestore.co...k2nyrMH1jU3Bew/2011-08-21_15.09.58.png?psid=1

[Broken External Image]:https://public.blu.livefilestore.co...OeEqZmi7v9kekw/2011-08-19_17.59.33.png?psid=1

Nov 2011 - After a Map reset, Trobeed creates Rivaria. With Timanetor as an assistant, Rivaria becomes extremely large and absorbs nearby towns. After an large coin deficit the town falls into ruin and is completely destroyed. Server Reset Follows after. Pictures Exist:
[Broken External Image]:https://public.blu.livefilestore.co...XAwqxhfA9Kbkfg/2011-10-14_20.34.49.png?psid=1

Dec 2011 - Phoenix Once again Rises from the ashes. As a small Island town it quickly expands to include many outposts such as Casablanca De Phoenix. The town becomes the larges town but its rival Equinox also comes into power. The Rich, Large, and Awesome town of Phoenix is retired after Deciding to move to 1.2. Many Pictures remain and Map was Saved:

[Broken External Image]:https://public.blu.livefilestore.co...223sCDWR46aP1w/2012-01-02_14.32.29.png?psid=1

Feb 2012 - In a completely new map, A larger more suitable Island is found and Phoenix quickly grows again. Phoenix is was the largest town and had grown to a nation. This was another great time of prosperity and expansion for Phoenix. The world however could not support updates and was reset, however much of phoenix was moved over to the next server. Some Pictures Remain.

June 2012 - Phoenix is moved into a new world onto a new island, this island is large and contains many resources. After a change to Tekkit, The town expanded rapidly and quickly became capital for the Great Phoenix Empire. Once Tekkit Classic was no longer supported, much of the town was lost as a new world was made.
2013 - Phoenix is lost, no records exist

2014 - Phoenix is gloriously reborn as a town in the re-founded anembra.
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Amberton wishes to extend our thanks again to Phoenix for making such a lovely embassy plot available to us. I thought it had stood empty long enough, so I have begun construction of a public park...I hope the good people of Phoenix will enjoy it. :)

Tim, I'd also like to discuss with you whether you have any plans for the plot directly west of this one; if you are still wanting to sell it as a shop plot, we are interested in purchasing it. If you are agreeable to this, could you please remind me of the command to purchase a plot? Thanks!