[Town] Caprica


Mr Geek
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Our beginnings:

We came across the sea and travelled long and far to find a - wait that didn't happen.
In short we started out in a hole in the ground as a home and quickly expended into the town we are now. We had a simply "hovel" as Doom_Kitten has termed it and I felt that she needs the royal treatment so I built her a castle. The castle has evolved into to a massive multi-building and multi-idea build. We now have many different things from our library (WIP) to the watch tower to the auto f
arm to the restaurant.


We currently are looking to build and expand into many, many things in the very near future and to add more stuff to our shop and to improve our restaurant to become a better part of our town and its culture. As such things that are in there may be changed and might not stay there forever.


Stay tuned :)

Current Members

Doom_Kitten (Mayor)
Fayettemat (Assistant)
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