Shop of Arcadia

Shop of Arcadia
The shop of Arcadia is now open for business. We offer a wider variety of items.
There will be more for sale in the future.

Things For Sale
Diamond 4G Each
Redstone .5G For 64
Coal 1G For 64
Nether Quartz 1G For 64
Obsidian 1G For 32
Ender Pearl 1G For 2
Slimeball 1G For 5
Saddle 2G Each
Iron Ingot 1G For 20

Other Things:
Oak Wood 1G For 64
Sugar Cane 1G For 64
Seeds 1G For 64
Cactus 1G For 16
Dirt .2G For 128
Bone .2G For 64
Dark Oak Wood 1G For 64*
Potato .5G For 32
Raw Beef 1G For 16
Leather 1G For 16
Melon Slice 1G For 64
Pumpkin 1G For 16
Cobblestone .2G For 128

If you have suggestions for changes in prices please let me know.

*Will be Wood:5

EDIT: I have updated prices and some of them might have changed!


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Mr Geek
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I'm not near a rail system :( I'm out far from everyone... speaking of where I am.. we have a major build "in progress".
The rail is at main so there is no problem there. Waypoint will still work though. And I heard you were working on something. Look forward to seeing the finished project as you're probably a much better builder than I am lol.