Server updated to 1.11


lol ɹoʇɐɹʇsıuıɯpɐ
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Server is updated to 1.11!
The server will keep itself updated with the latest builds each restart as 1.11 is still under development - let me know if anything seems odd through the and I'll have a look. Preferably through the Problem-section.

The chat is currently a bit bugged and may look odd as I don't have access to the latest version at the moment.
@Fayettemat might still have..?

As requested - firespread has been turned off globally.

Happy building!


Woohoo! Sounds awesome. Much appreciated! Question, though: Why does the server appear to be down? I cannot log in.

Edit: Seems to be up! :D
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Might have hit a scheduled restart, hope it's working alright for ya now. :)
Unless you have changed it, scheduled restarts are at 9am and 9pm, my time. I had been trying to get on for a few hours, so I posted at 4pm out of concern that something had occurred during the update, but saw at 11:40 that it was running again. It appears to be down again as I am writing this. Are there more restarts scheduled?