Runecraft 3 and Minecraft 1.9 (Coming Soon?) and more!


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As you've likely heard unless you've been living under a rock (like me!), that both Runecraft 3 and Minecraft 1.9 are both on the horizon!

What does this mean for you?
Well Runecraft 3 changes game play via Runecraft a good bit and will be getting added pretty soon and the biggest change is a few added/removed runes and also a new energy-based system instead of just tiers! @Rivkiin Shadows our newest admin, will be explaining that more as he's one of the devs for it!

As for Minecraft 1.9, it too has game play changes! Most notable would be the new boss mobs, end, and the dual wield system!

White-list Sync
The white-list system we are currently using is a bit clunky and after talking to both sides (which are more united now) we decided that the current solution we are using isn't the best for us as we have users wanting to play on both sides but have to do multiple white-list apps currently... but this is changing! I'm currently searching for a white-list solution that will keep both servers in sync as there's more or less the same rules on both.

The main differences would be that Igniculus is mostly pure survival plus Runecraft where Anembra is Towny plus Runecraft. As you can see there's just enough to make it different and interesting but not enough to break things the way they kind of are now! Please note that the server's have very minor rule differences and you will be expected to follow them on that server. Common sense and maturity are always required here!

White-list Removed
The white-list has been removed from Anembra at this point, We want to encourage people to join and the white-list delays their ability to try us out and getting to know us!

In closing we'll be updating to 1.9 soon after it comes out and will have a poll on what to do with the world(s) for Anembra. Also, congratulations to @Rivkiin Shadows on the promotion again and we look forward to updating soon-ish to Runecraft 3.

PS: We'll post more updates on Runecraft 3 and Minecraft 1.9 as they are released!
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