Rubillus's Application


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Why Anembra?
I've been an on/off member of this server for over three years now (formerly known as CUBE) and this server,its community have earned a special place in my life. And even though I have less free time now, I'd like to experience some of that nostalgia now and then.
P.S. To clear things up, I was first whitelisted on Anembra when I was 14, despite the age requirements that still persist.

How did you find us?
Back then a classmate of mine (he quit a long time ago) told me about this server.

Secret code?

If referred by a player, post his/her IGN?

Feel free to add any other information, or links to screenshots of previous creations:
I remember participating in a trailer contest for Tekkitopia. Got the 2nd place:


Mr Geek
Staff member
Hey and sorry about all the issues, I just updated the white-list to use a database back-end and you should be good now as I verified that you're listed in the the DB