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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kapten_Knas, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Kapten_Knas

    Kapten_Knas lol ɹoʇɐɹʇsıuıɯpɐ Staff Member

    I recently received this email;

    This basically means the whole node crashed for the current host.
    Initially - I thought this would mean no problem, as I had backups going to my webserver and vice versa.
    Whilst trying to connect to I noticed the website(s) were also down.

    What I did not know - was that both VPSes were running on the same node, and crashing both my sites and the Minecraft server all at once.
    I had older off-site backups of the websites which means minor losses here, but unfortunately a tremendous loss server-wise.

    This means I am not able to restore any data from the actual game-server.
    I'm not sure wether to feel sad or glad about it - as we currently have a very low playerbase.
    Regardless, this won't mean the end of Anembra - and I'll instead do my best to turn it into an opportunity.
    With 1.9 coming up very shortly a brand new map might spark some interest for both new and old players.

    Unfortunately - I will not restore the server until 1.9 actually is here, as it'll most likely result in double the amount of work.
    I'm terribly sorry for the loss and I hope this turns out for the better good.

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  2. GamerMom

    GamerMom Active Member

    Heyo, Kapten :D

    Tis a sad day indeed, and a hard loss for all who knew and loved this incarnation of your server.

    Let me be the first to thank you SO gratefully for all of the hard work you put into creating a world for us all to play and learn in. A huge percentage of what I know about Minecraft I learned at our dear anembra; I can't even begin to count the number of hours of enjoyment it has given me. I knew it would be fun right from the beginning but I had no idea how much or that I would form such great friendships along the way.

    I also want to thank everyone who contributed to the server in any way, and all the amazing people I have played with. Particular thanks to those who have been patient with me when I was a total noob and took the time to explain things. The world we made was a truly beautiful collective creation, and I have so enjoyed all of the fun and conversation along the way. :)

    Knas, you did a cool thing making anembra, and I know whatever you do next will be equally or even more awesome! Count me on board for whatever comes next. <3

    Until then, peace yall and take care of yourselves, hear?
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  3. Rubillus

    Rubillus New Member

    Hey Kap :)

    Undoubtedly it is sad to see the world go, but the important thing is that Anembra stays. I'm (definitely all of us are) grateful that you still have the energy and will to keep Anembra running and I believe that everybody will do his/her best to turn what happened into an opportunity. Granted that most of us have little free time, every contribution to keep the community alive is priceless.
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  4. J1015814

    J1015814 Moderator Staff Member

    Dammit. I guess this means I'll have to make a bigger, better castle. Gonna take a while to get to that level again.

    But once I'm there: railroads, railroads everywhere! :D
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  5. General_Bacon343

    General_Bacon343 Moderator Staff Member

    Trains you say? :D
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  6. Mr_MoonPie

    Mr_MoonPie Moderator Staff Member

    who said trains?! gimme!
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  7. Fayettemat

    Fayettemat Mr Geek Staff Member

    I think that was our General.. The Baconator! Get to work solider!

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