Let's Play Another Game!


I was scrolling through Twinnie's photography post and first thought "Whoa, she takes some awesome photography."
Next, I saw Bacon's picture of his snowed-over back porch. The combination of the two thoughts got me wondering about where everyone lived (in the least creepy way possible, I assure you). So post pictures of places around your town! I'll start!

I figured I'd just throw it into an imgur album. Most of those pictures have been where I work or my commute to work. And one of myself. Upload and link your own!

Album: http://imgur.com/a/qL6GE#0


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Great idea, red! Loved seeing your pics and thank you for the compliment re my photography. I am heading into town today and will grab some shots to convey the flavour of our RL biome. :)


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I like this game!
New England is one of my favorite places. All of the photos are local to where I live ;)

pink lady's slipper orchid in the front yard

View from the summertime office

Local stone Dam

Front yard in the winter


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Please define local... 1-2 hours out form where you live? If so I have some pretty state parks around here :D


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This is a fun thread of my liking, I love to photograph and here are a few cell phone pictures from where I live.

2014-06-11 22.13.54.jpg
Just a random picture from a street close to my house. I live in a house similar to one of these.

2014-05-21 19.14.28.jpg
This is where I do my shopping, a old brewery that closed down 10-15 years ago. This is a five minute walk from my home.

2014-07-11 18.57.11.jpg
This is my view each morning/afternoon. This one taken 7 pm on my way home from the subway.

2014-06-07 21.38.27.jpg
Late evening shopping, I usually take the little longer walk after the lake.

2014-08-02 21.10.17.jpg
For some reason I like to take late evening walks, there is a nice lake 15 minutes walk from where I live.

2014-04-29 20.43.11.jpg
There was a nice sunset this evening, about the same time I passed the old ship.

2014-04-29 20.51.15.jpg
Crappy quality but a good picture to end with, here you see the bridge I walk over to get to the subway/work, the old brewery in the background and my home is just out of frame to the left.
Not sure how many that actually know where I live, care to guess? Thank you for the initiative to start this thread, fun to see all these pictures and I'm looking forward to see more.