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You guys might have heard of something called IRC and not know how to use it nor what it is so I'll give you a quick primer about IRC and how it works before I tell you how to connect to.

IRC (or Internet Relay Chat) is basically a chat room service and @Kapten_Knas and @nsgb have linked both Anembra and Tekkitopia to IRC (in the same channel at that! What is a channel though? A channel is basically a "room" where you have a group of chatters that are able to connect and join and talk to the other(s).

Ok now that the quick primer is over I'm going to go over a few commands!

/join <channel> - Replace <channel> with #seregon to join the chat room (after you connect to QuakeNet (the server))
/part - Leaves the channel you are in
/quit - Leaves the server that you're using. and disconnects you from IRC.

NOW to the fun part (with pictures). Please note that this is assuming that you're using HexChat. Please feel free to ask any questions about IRC here and I'll answer them as soon as possible.

Step 1 (after opening hexchat):
You should see a window kind of like this:

Replace Nick name, Second choice, Third choice: with your Minecraft username and for the last two add an under score each time _

Step 2:
Click add and type in Anembra IRC (replace New Network with this) and press enter

Should look like this when done:

Step 2.1 (optional but recommended)

Make sure that the above network is selected as shown in the picture above and press favor then check the show favorites only box and you will be shown a much smaller list.

Step 3 (add the network information):
Press "Edit.." and enter the information as is shown below and press the enter key after you are done entering it.

Step 3.1 (auto join the channel)
Click "Autojoin channels" tab, click add, enter it as shown below BUT change #seregon to #TekkReborn, and press enter when done.

Press the "close" button (not the one at the top of the window but the actual button that says close)

Step 4:
You are now at the main screen again press connect after you have made sure that the server named "Anembra IRC" is selected.


Note: You may have a window that opens asking you to join a channel and you are safe to just close this.
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I totally agree with you that it's up to the choice of the user and that there are many choices to choose from. I used to recomend XChat (as it's free) and Hexchat is based off of that and still free so its my current recommendation for people who are new and want a desktop-based client as there are many perks.

I'm now an IRC power user and use a console client called WeeChat and love it. I used to be really into Irssi but moved on since then.


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Thanks for the guide; I had no problem installing and using on my first try with limited user knowledge. :)