Helping with the server?

Hey, Knas!

So, I was wondering if you might like some help keeping the server online? Or if there's something I could do to help? I have the time & expertise to run servers; I have several of my own, and my husband programs for a living. I could, at least, turn it on, and check errors, if you would like.

Just looking to help out. NBD otherwise. :)


lol ɹoʇɐɹʇsıuıɯpɐ
Staff member
Hey Cuppa!

To be honest there's not much to help with at the moment but it might actually be needed in the future, especially at larger updates of the game where plugins have to be made sure that they're compatible before an update can be made.
A lot of changes has been made to the game lately and when the actual release is upon us I can see a few plugins that may break due to it.

The server itself is configured to run pretty much autonomously and restart on schedule/upon errors - and also alert me should anything go wrong.
The recent downtime was unfortunately out of anyones hands due to a power outage without physical access to the server.
It should now be configured to automatically start when power returns.

I greatly appreciate the motion and I'll keep you posted closer to a larger release.