General update continuation (17/03)


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I'd first of all like to apologize for my absense, I've had my hands full with a big event at work and I've been limited to a work-sleep-work-sleep cycle for the past weeks.

I've finally had some time today to start and implement some few, very small changes.
  • Timanetor aswell as General_Bacon343 are now officially members of the staff, as moderators - congratulations!
  • A few more voting rewards have been added, mostly fun items rather than useful aswell as some changes to existing stuff - more useful stuff will be added in a near future.
And to continue on the other topics from last update post;

I've set up the clustering and it's working fine on a test server. Seeing as I have more time now I'll be implementing it shortly while the server's pretty much idle (normally about the time I wake up in the morning) to not interrupt any gameplay.
I can't put a ETA on when I can start but as I've got more time on my hands I hopefully can start tomorrow.

Also, with clustering it is easier and generally more convenient to have a central point of spawning - a hub.
I was thinking a blank map of sorts where people can take teleports to the worlds aswell as a teleport to a random location in the main world.
I could use some help with both ideas and the actual building of the thing and I'd love some input.

Secret building
There's a building that has been built basically single-handed by Moonie that'll come to use in a near future - the use for it will mostly be for fun though with a plugin to utilize it.
It's located on the south-east edge of Teralon and is an absolute beauty.

Server-posts & voting
Thank you for the kind words and the votes that have been popping up both on PMC and Minestatus!
I would like to point the attention to this post though where there's a bigger chance of proper and older players to find us, a bost now and then would assure some attention to us!

Other than that, I wish you much love and happy building!
You should make the hub world a void world so that it will never lag and is easy to render and such. I like the sound of everything.


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I love it all Knas, keep up the good work. Can't wait to see all the updates when I get sme time to get on and play. This is a beautiful community and server, and I will always come back to it :) love everything you do and everything about this server. :) oh and if everyone's has noticed I got rid of the creepy signature I had (; you're welcome. :)