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Atlas Construction Co. is one of the only construction contractor companies in Anembra, with Local and global ambitions. Founded in Newhaven in late 2012. My name is atlas_hero1, and I am a very experienced contractor.

I am a very experienced contractor and I can work with almost any style that I am needed to work on, however I specialize in Medieval types of buildings. I am available for hire to complete any building big or small that you may want done. For a reasonable fee.

Costs for my employment may vary, depending on size, materials, time and labor. However I am very flexible to cost.

Here is how a typical contract may be like.
Lets say you wanted a medium sized house to be built. A medium price would be offered by the customer and negotiated. Price is determined by size, mats, time, labor, etc. however you can cut the price down if you.
-Provide materials for construction
-Help in the construction
-provide Blueprints

Providing Blueprints is a major cost saver. For it gives me exactly what YOU the customer wants. Otherwise, time and effort will be used to plan and design a building for you.

If you wish to hire me as a contractor to build what you want most, simply /msg me in game or Mail me in the Forums with a detailed list, plans of what you want done!

I hope you consider Atlas Construction Co. to help YOU build the home or business you want to be in!

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