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It was such a gorgeous day here, the first really warm day we have had. I had to drive to town 20 minutes away but who could complain on such a day?? In fact it was so nice I decided to stop on a side road and take some pictures. Kinda went like this...

Except it was a van, and I got her out myself. ;-)
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Two for you.

I found both of these when researching The Chainsmokers (the artist) because #SELFIE became a HUGE hit in the USA and I'd never heard anything by them before. These aren't by them, but they're remixes of other songs, and I can't stop listening to them. Not everyone's thing, but hey.
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I'll put in videos later, but here's two constantly stuck in my head:
"Race You" - Elizabeth and the Catapult
"Everybody Knows" - Don Henley


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I love the seeing the variety of different musical tastes here, :) ill post more music I listen to more often so you can all see what drives some of my projects :)


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Stuck in the head for dayz eh?

I had this stuck in my mind for like 10 years now, but thank god only when it's raining and i'm walking down the street:

Apparently this is the same dude that gave birth to this other piece of music that tends to play in auto
in my brain when my belly aches:

my question is.... WHO is this dude???

why does he have powerz over meh?


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You never really know what you have or had till you lose it. Everything must come to an end eventually as we are not immortal nor are our actions perfect.


Daddy's Groove - Stellar [Extended Club Mix]

Somethin' special to celebrate the server coming back up & bringing everyone together again!