[Town] Pendulum


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Pendulum is a small relaxing town that will surround a small Castle where the mayor
shall live.

Once the town acquires more members, government loans/grants and programs
will be put into action.
Pendulum shall have a law book for every member of the town and there will
be copies in the public library.
NOTE: Pendulum is under minor construction, the castle needs to be finished and town plots will be plotted soon according to the district.


  • City: City plots are those directly next to/near the main castle made for larger buildings, and also be a little larger. In turn they will cost more to purchase.
  • Suburban: Suburban plots will be outside the City. Those plots will be a tad bit cheaper and also smaller.
  • Urban: Urban plots will be the outer most plots. Those plots will be slightly larger (only for whom may use it for agricultural reasons)
  1. No stealing of ANY kind.
  2. No griefing ANYWHERE.
  3. Do not remove the guidelines for plots! the space between is a walkway for others!
  4. No poorly built structures in the City area.
  5. No refunds on plots, If you are dissatisfied contact Spazz121995 NOT an assistant.
  6. If you wish to upgrade your land (ex. Urban -> Suburban) The price of a Suburban plot MINUS the price of your current plot EQUALS the price you will pay.
Terms for "Agricultural Land":
  • 1/10 of your crops/livestock shall be taxed every few days. There will be a notice generally a day in advanced.
  • Have 1 chest for an Assistant or the Mayor to collect said taxed materials.
  • Reduced cost/0 cost for farming materials in the town shop. (Possibility of a Farmers Shop)

Loans and Programs:
  • Newbie Program: Common building materials such as Cobblestone and Oak planks will be free (up to 2 stacks)
  • Member Program: Uncommon materials will be free (up to 1 stack) upon a payment of 1g (gold ingot) per month. These items include:
    • Stone
    • Wood Logs
    • Netherrack
    • Torches
    • Chests
    • Glass
  • VIP Program: Access to the Assistants farm under the Castle. 2 Gold per month.
  • Farmer Program: one day access to the Assistants farm, 4 stacks of dirt and 4 buckets (requires agricultural plot) (free)
NOTE: Anything that requires payment will be allotted all lower priced programs as well, free of charge.
Also, the Newbie Program is a 1 time use only! NO REFUNDS.
The Member program is allotted 1 stack of each material PER MONTH.

NOTE: Pendulum is a town in progress. Any aforementioned programs will be posted on the news board upon creating them.

Pendulum History:
Pendulum was a town based from the Electronica Genre Artist Pendulum. Town colors are Green, Yellow and Red. Pendulum was first established in July of 2013 on the server Slydom. At first Pendulum was a peaceful town but had many issues with it's surroundings where wars had broken out and fights had wandered into our midst. Upon the Calm of September 2013 in Slydom (Downed Server) Pendulum regained it's place as a town for peaceful builders and farmers. In March of 2014 Pendulum has arrived in it's new home on Anembra where it once again shall prosper as a peaceful town, with peaceful relations!
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Day 2 Construction is as follows:
  1. Land leveled and cleared of grass
  2. Moat dug out to create outline
  3. Tower and Citadel Outlines are placed
  4. Entrance towers completed


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Day 3 Construction:
  1. North wall including North West&East towers are finished
  2. North and West parts of the moat are filled
  3. Citadel has begun Construction
  4. All chests and living equipment moved into a temporary basement


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(missed a couple posting days) DAY 6!
  1. Finished Citadel
  2. Finished East Wall
  3. Started West Wall
  4. Started Southern Towers
  5. Added a new member and house: xAbbreviate!


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Well, now that Most construction, with an exception to small tidbits, being done I have made a small marketplace AND a permanant well tested waypoint.