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Welcome to the Beautiful City of Elysium

Founders: atlas_hero1 and ArmyRanger871

Mayor: atlas_hero1
Assistants: ArmyRanger871, General_Bacon343, redhand0421
2014-03-29_11.57.20.png Ely1.pngEly2.pngEly3.png 2014-03-29_11.56.00.png
Welcome to the City of Elysium. A city for the people, by the people. We appreciate your company and time to come visit our Beautiful City. We work hard to make the City beautiful and esthetically pleasing for everyone who visits. So as Mayor of Elysium, I personally Welcome you, my fellow camaraderie, to Elysium.

The City:
The City of Elysium was Founded in early 2014 by her brave founders of atlas_hero1 and ArmyRanger871. Elysium is a Paradise, where you are free from the horrors of the rest of the world. Elysium as it is named, means Heaven or Paradise in Latin, and believed in Roman Pagan Beliefs as the City of eternal peace and rest. The City of Heroes.

The City is located on the southern side of the giant mountain range south of Teralon. Take the Mine-cart track east from Teralon. Follow the signs. Elysium has bold claims over the entire Mountain Range and the valleys and plateaus south of the Mountains. Elysium is a very fast Expanding city set in the mind of beautiful architecture and design. Elysium also has a port east of the city and several islands and outposts. Elysium is with Great connections to Phoenix, Amberton, and Teralon. Very valued and loved Allies.

Elysium offers its citizens many public services and community features and protection from the horrors of the Wilderness and griefing protection. The town offers a large public farm, public lava furnaces in the Elysium Blacksmith and much much more!
In Elysium we do not have plots, nor do we have taxes. The need for money will never be a concern for the citizens, for I will pay for the city's upkeep and expansion myself. However if a citizen would like to donate, it is very much appreciated but never feel obligated to do so.
Elysium also offers free housing. I will personally build you a house in the style of the town, or you can move into a already built home free of charge. However if you would like to build your own home, it is asked if you build to the Style of the town. The Goal of Elysium is to have the most Beautiful City on Anembra. Another feature to Elysium, is that you will not be required to actually live in Elysium, if you wish to live elsewhere yet be a part of our community, that is 100% allowed. Rooms will be provided to you by my own expense if you need a place to stay.

Elysium is a town of Mature players, Respect is key for getting along with everyone. Any assistant, myself, and other residents would gladly be able to help you if you have any questions about Elysium, or if you need any help.

The History of Elysium:
The Idea of Elysium started back in early 2013, composing of myself and several other players back on Tekkitopia, (tekkit lite).
On a small island out in the middle of a bay. The idea came to mind for a perfect home. A perfect and beautiful home. The island was transformed into a Paradise, where eventually I began to offer rooms out of my homes for players. Sharing power and resources. Built in the style of Roman/medieval. Sadly, the Apocalypse came, and with it, The server was lost, along with the map, and the few buildings.
Few pictures exist from this time:
The Nature Tower:

Some time later, a new Server began, Seregon. Late 2013. Unsure on how to proceed. I had built a small home, in hopes of rebuilding a new city on day. As time progressed, Giant Airships were built, yet with no home to claim them. I has set off to build a new home. For no area was found suitable to live. It was decided I has to build the perfect environment. I found a decent island, and built a Mountain on it. Later a Castle appeared on the Mountain, yet the idea was incomplete, the idea of a perfect home. It needed to be shared, Thus i created a town to be built in the valley below, and Named the Island Elysium. As thus the idea of a free society and home was born.
Sadly, no pictures remain of the Castle or Town, However there is one of the Airships:

Today, from the idea born from the old Servers, Comes Elysium, The Free City in the mountains. With the Help of ArmyRanger871, Elysium was made in the ideas and values she holds today.

The Rules:
Elysium, has very, very few rules.
First of which, is to follow all of Anembra's rules.
It is asked that you build in the Style of the town, nothing ridiculous please.
Always give everyone Respect.
Use Common Sense
Lastly, Don't be a dick. There is no need to ever hurt another players feelings or ridicule them for their ideas, thoughts, or beliefs. Elysium is a Free Society Town, where the right to practice, believe, think, is held very dear.
Other than that, Elysium is yours to explore, yours to live in.

The Anthem:
I pledge my allegiance, To the City of Elysium. To serve and protect her and her people. We stand guard to fight off her enemies. We stand united, to be a shinning light, in a dark world. Never shall our rights be infringed, never will our city fall. Glory to our majestic city, power to her righteous people. In Elysium, we are safe, In Elysium we are free. We shall prosper and thrive. For Our city shall never fall, yet she will stand strong, Forever and Ever.

How to Join:

If you are wanting to Join Elysium, that is very simple. Contact myself (atlas_hero1), ArmyRanger871, General_Bacon343, or Redhand0421. However, We are picky on who Joins the Town, Elysium is a home of very trusted friends, who have known each other on the server for years. If you would like to join, Befriend us, and join into the our Beautiful City.

I atlas_hero1 may be the Mayor of Elysium, yet I am not her owner, for Elysium owns me. I am a servant to her and her people. In order to insure her longevity and beauty.
Elysium Belongs to the People.

*Any missing information will be added to this Thread upon notice*

"We live in a complex and beautiful world. The Mother Earth gave us life. The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.”


*Official Town Thread*
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Elysium's Manifest Destiny

Elysium has a Bold Claim of the Land Surrounding the Area of the City. Defined by natural borders, Areas to be Developed for future farms, Forts, infrastructure, ports, villages, etc. This area is heavily influenced by Elysium, and Elysium is the only town, people, that are in this area. i believe it is a justified claim for the city/Nation of Elysium, as small village like areas will also sprout up in this area, under the influence of Elysium. to tie into a large Themed area. Any objections can be discussed as need be, but this area, as i stated, has only Elysium in this area. These are the plans of expansion for the city. i hope its supported and respected by the community.

Ely Bold Claims.png
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Territorial Posts

Posts had been made to mark the Territory of Elysium, these are spread out every so many blocks and are visible from one sign to the other and go along the border of Elysiums Territory. These are the extent of Elysium's Territorial claims. When noticed, please respect that you are in Elysium Territory, as seen in the map Above^
Its is asked that you respect Elysium's Territorial claims and do not build within her borders without consent. We realize this is a lot of claimed land, however the land will be put to use to support a very themed out area, complete with the Main City, smaller villages, a Port, Forts, and Farms.

I thank you all for your time reading this and I hope this is accepted and respected by the community.
Thanks you​



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Incidentally, diplomatic note: didn't we have a treaty having the mountains as a neutral buffer zone?


(In game communication, i.e. roleplaying)

Note Diplomatique:

I have read your recent communication with shock. There was a diplomatic agreement that you would inhabit the valley on the other side of the mountains; you stated then that it was for agricultural purposes, this was both agreeable and welcome. We agreed to stay on our side of the mountains. The mountains were to remain neutral territory. Your recent manifesto proclaiming Imperial destiny has on it's face broken a diplomatic agreement as have your claims to land on the other side of the mountain range. Having broken one agreement how can peace loving peoples believe that this will be the end of your demands. We regret the need to review our diplomatic stance regarding your obviously expansionist nation. We have recalled our ambassador for consultations and will bring this matter before the Burghers Tribunal for further action. As the military adviser to Amberton I will be watching developments of the diplomatic negotiations with great care. We look forward to you amending your claims and entering once again into the warm embrace of civilized society and repudiate your revanchist, imperialist aspirations.



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The nation of Barmena and its Capital, Phoenix, sides with The Grove and Amberton.

Let it be known that the attached borders are currently recognized by the Barmenian Counsel.



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*Cracks his knuckles*

Don't make me come back from the grave. I'm more than ready to for a good fight.
I will be preparing my pig army for battle. Fear shall be instilled in your souls; ask redhand0421 about the previous pig siege of his town (on Tekkitopia). They're not to be hassled with.


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The Elysian Empire and its Capital of Elysium, Recognize these claims and borders as Fair and Just. So long as the Land of The Elysian Empire are not encroached upon by other nations.