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Elysium is a free society-town that was founded in early February of 2014 by founders atlas_hero1 and ArmyRanger871. It is situated on plateau surrounded by a large mountain range to the south of Teralon. It is currently the largest town by population in Anembra. Elysium offers it's citizens a trusted society with little authority and rules, plenty of space for building, free supplies, and mob/grief protection. We pride in great architecture and our stance as a peaceful organization.

History:Elysium was once settled by the peaceful Akatoshian monk warriors of the ancient era. Worshiping the deity of Akatosh, the fire dragon. of whom was once known to take his last steps on the world of Anembra in the very mountains that Elysium is situated on. After years of war that ravaged the area, the settlement was whipped out at the beginning of the current era. The grand, quintessential settlement was lost, with only the temple of Akatosh surviving. To this day, the temple still stands in the town, with the last surviving bloodline of Akatoshian warriors still guarding it's doors. A new settlement has been raised and Elysium has returned to it's grand state of beauty.

- All Anembra rules apply
- Don't piss off the leaders
- Build to the style of the town

How to Join:
Contact me (ArmyRanger871) or atlas_hero1 to join the town. We're picky on the people we invite to our town. Don't expect to be added if you're unknown to us.

More to be added. Excuse the sloppy indenting, the forum tools are very limited and frustrating to use.


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Very well done, I will be making a more informed and detailed thread for Elysium this weekend. Good job army, this will serve as a very great base for the town thread. Elysium is growing fast!


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Wow that's awesome! Reminds me that I have to actually make a real thread for Elyisum.