[Town] Arcadia

Welcome To Arcadia
This is a town that started off as a simple mining town at the side of a mountain. This town will hopefully develop into an amazing town full of people and professions. I have with me a bunch of screenshots to give you an idea of the town in its current state.

Arcadia is welcome to everybody to visit. If you wish to join contact me in game and I will add you to the town. There are currently 7 residential plots available for sale within town borders giving you a 16x16 space in which to build.

Now all the districts have been created and each have at least 1 plot for sale.
In the Mining District there are 3 plots left for sale.
In the Shopping District there are 2 plots for sale.
In the Industrial District there are 3 plots for sale.
In the Farming District there is 1 plot for sale.
Coming Soon is the Medieval District which will be located past the Farming District

Also to note there is now a runecraft waypoint in town with the signature of 4 stone bricks.

The Rail To Arcadia Is Now Complete! Come See Us Today!


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Congrats on your town blue :) and congrats for being the first one of us to post a thread about the towns. I refuse to make thread for my town until I'm on my personal computer haha. It looks nice and I can't wait to see how Arcadia develops :)


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Hey blue, hit me up if you want any tips for a medieval style building, I specialize in that Rea of construction, if you haven't noticed Elysium is going under renovations. I would gladly help you if you need any :)