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It appears that when the terrain over the enderportal was regenerated the stronghold was not present in the new chunks. Unfortunately, this was the only end portal our map had. As such, we can no longer access the end. I was also hoping to restore a natural stronghold so that players could easily get into the end.

Is the issue persistent?


Additional information:


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There's strongholds, but ender pearls don't seem to lead to them. I plan on making an end portal one of the destinations for our rail system, someday. In the meantime, I can PM you the coordinates of the one I found.


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This is an odd one - where does the ender pearls take you instead?
And is this regarding Main to End or Mine to End?
This was in regards to main to end. However, J10 informed me of the coordinates to a newly generated stronghold, but the ender eyes do not lead to it. Hopefully we can get the rail to it so players wont struggle to reach the end.


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There's also a portal at XYZ 4990, 27, 109. I haven't dared to jump in there for a long time but it used to work properly and seems to be working as of now too.
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