Let's play a completely different game...


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Girrrrr! I already knew you were beautiful on the inside...now I know you've got the looks to match. Thanks for sharing. :)


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Love the beard! So glad you found the cam. :)
Actually that was from my phone (front camera too so thats why its kinda sucky).. didn't find the cam..
Cry us a river lololol.... no really, thanks for taking the time. :p
Well... it's been a busy night working and I still took the time to get a picture up for you tonight so I feel I have a little room to complain :p


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@GamerMom I think you like teasing me with stuff like this a bit too much for your own good...then again I mess with you back in the same sense so meh

Edit on a side note:

Anyone notice all the computer and network equipment that's in the picture? I have a ton more than is pictured :D


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Someone posted
@Mr_MoonPie - Zaw says this is Mr. Moon :D

well thanks tina... this kinda looks like my father... except for the glasses.
So u just wait 25/30 years.... i can be like that! Just give me a shot!
giraffe got much closer tho...but, that dude got a little streak of assh@le in his eyes tho...
i hope i do not too. thats face rings a bell.. who is he? an actor?

Was the one with the big mixer bob? I had eyes only for the mixer... gimme!

Atlas: tell your friend eric that he looks like the evil on earth.

Boy, I laughed hard at the picture bob posted.....

timanetor has benjamin button deasese i think. let's find a cure for it.
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well ok then.....
i'm gonna have nightmeres about the end of days tonight tho.

I'm still laughing my @ss off at the thor-like image that bob had....


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Eric and painokitty are the only real reasons why I even like going to that class xD Eric is a beautiful human being xD


Ha ha ya Moon, the mixer was the star of that photo. Since everyone has posted such nice head shots with their smiling faces I should just get over my shyness and post a better one. They are both from a local music festival last summer.460994_10151579227318670_2013784002_o.jpg


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Alright. I'm assuming this is how things go: you're tagged, you post a picture that you feel resembles another user.
And with this in mind and @Fayettemat so graciously tagging me, I'll try my hand at googling someone's likeness.

My apologies, @General_Bacon343. I dug around in the baby albums.