Get rid of world border in MINE?


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1.11 came out, was excited to find one of those Woodland Mansions. Got myself two exploration maps. Sadly, both quests came to and end as I was stopped by the world border. I dunno what is the density of those structures ergo how many actually fit withing the current Mine world, but since its purpose is to gather resources, why restrict it to a certain area. Especially when it seems to interfere with vanilla gameplay. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, maybe someone had got a useful map.


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well every first of the month the map updates right?
so, being the mansion very rare... some months we are gonna have it and some other months we wont.
i cant info on the density... the wiki just says very rare.

Map restriction comes from "saving hardware resources somewhere" dont know if it's HD space or ram. i think HD.
I decided to test out how far away the woodland mansions would be from spawn. They tend to be between 10,000 blocks to 18,000 blocks from the spawn point on any given map. I don't think it's very likely that we would be able to find woodland mansions just by chance on Mine world given the current restrictions.

This by no means is me trying to argue in favor of allowing players to put a huge strain on the server's hardware resources. Maybe there is a way that we can have access to the challenge of a woodland mansion in the overworld and getting the totem by artificial means somehow.


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Hm - I can't actually recall what the current borders are, but the choices would either be to increase the main map to 20k or the mine world to 20k.

As the Mine World is constantly refreshing it'd probably result in atleast 24h of low TPS after the first day each month.
On the other hand increasing the main world to 20k... wouldn't be a problem per se, but it would result in a very large generated area that'll never refresh in case of future biome update.
Agreed, and I think it's best if the main world is kept as is until at least the Aquatic update with updated seas, or an even larger biome update. Maybe it's best to just wait for the main world to need expansion for a biome update, there is no rush.