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    Hayo peoples!
    Time for a bit of an update;

    Forum downtime
    I guess you inevitably noticed that the forum was down for a lengthy period.

    The host of our VPS oddly got all their IP's revoked and had to be assigned new ones.
    I unfortunately left very shortly after this to Thailand for my vacation and had no possibility to put up a temporary website.
    The VPS is back up and I've been ensured that this is a one-time only occurance and will not happen again.

    Regardless of the promise I've set up more frequent backups and I'll be able to move the website with only a few hours of content lost as maximum.

    Server downtime
    The recent crashes has been caused by Runecraft and with the help of @Rivkiin Shadows and @Fayettemat the server now runs stable again.

    Community in general
    As usual - when I tend to disappear for a tad all sorts of shit brew up. Which to me, is an amusing phenomena.
    Even though I find it somewhat amusing, I do my best to handle the situations accordingly.

    Generally, I'd wish to remind the community that we're all adults, the simplest resolution for most things is to confront them head on.

    That's it for me folks. :)
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    I've been debating if we should name this crash bug the Knas or Fay Bug as according to the Runecraft dev(s) it's very very very very rare and we just have bad luck it seems :p
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