Town Draconis


Mr Geek
Staff member
Draconis - The Dragons Head!
Draconis aim to be a friendly, fun, and interesting town. By this it's simply meant that we wish to have players of all ages and walks of life be able to mingle together and play in the same town. This would simply mimic how things work truly in life! For example, for any project to succeed in (real) life there needs to be a group of people that work together, come from different passions and differing talents. Simply put: if you can be a team player, want to have fun and join us... we want you!

Town Building Guidelines:
We currently have no real building "guides" however, we do ask that if you join our town that you keep builds sensible (it's ok to be silly inside it but please, don't build noob towers :p). What more could you ask to express your creative spirit?!

More Coming Soon