Crunk3y - Harssment and Killing of Other Players


Mr Geek
Staff member
Crunk3y was asked and repeatedly told to not kill other players and staff and asked to stop disturbing us when we were attempting to build. We have had issues with him before and this is his second offense on disturbing the peace and being a nuance to the player base in general.
Logs from IRC from spill over of Riv asking him to stop and repeated killing.

2<anembra2> 01[10TERA01] 0111Crunk3y01:01 Couldn't handle it, looks like you lost the argument.
2<anembra2> 0111RivkiinShadows01:01 No, just not wanting to deal with it.
2<anembra2> 01[10TERA01] 0111Crunk3y01:01 Okay, no problems :)
2<anembra2> 01[10TERA01] 0111Crunk3y01:01 Sucks to be proven wrong doesn't it?
2<anembra2> RivkiinShadows was slain by Crunk3y
2<anembra2> Fayettemat 09connected
2<anembra2> RivkiinShadows was slain by Crunk3y