Chaosfiend's Application





Why Anembra?
Its been a fair while since I last played Minecraft. Not since before the college year last ended in April, so its been a few months. I have been looking for a Server for a long time since the last whitelist server I was a part or went all Titanic on me when the forum that I was also a part of dissolved into a slew of warring factions. I've played once or twice on some friend's private servers, but it was only a few people, and we did not get together on it very often. I found this place on recommendation by a coworker who frequents the place, and I'm very much interested in the community as she described it, (rather organized, friendly, ect). I'd love to be a part of it so I can have some good, non-griefed fun.

How did you find us?
From a Coworker who talked about it and spoke highly of the place, that I will be referencing below.

Secret code?

If referred by a player, post his/her IGN?

Feel free to add any other information, or links to screenshots of previous creations:


New Member
Thank you for your Warm welcomes. Sadly I cannot get on the server currently. My laptop I'm borrowing currently is not made to run games like minecraft, its all chuggy and slow. Will probably be a week or so before I can get on as a full member of your wonderful Server.