Beginner's Guide to Towny


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A town is a great way of protecting what you own from devious monsters and adds an extra layer of protection towards potential griefers and mishap.
It also allows you to teleport to the town you own/belong to.
A town is 30 gold and will cost you 1 gold per 24 hours to maintain.
It is highly important that you create a Town Vault before proceeding with anything else, after town creation.
This guide will walk you through the process of creating and maintaining one and list a few commands relevant to the section.

Town Creation
Now, Towny predefines the whole map in 16x16 chunks where one chunk is called a plot.
When you create a town you'll start off with 16 chunks and you'll receive another 16 per town-member.

/town new <name> - Creates your new town!
/town set board <message> - Defines the message upon login and entering the town.
/p toggle plotborder - Creates smoke-effects around the plot borders while walking.
/p toggle map - Toggles the Towny map (in chat) to see claimed and unclaimed areas.
/p set mode clear - Clears all toggle modes.
Expanding your town costs 1 gold per claimed chunk.
If you do not have sufficient members in your town to expand, you can buy bonus blocks which costs an additional 1 gold.

/town claim - expands your town by a 16x16 chunk you're standing in.
/town buy bonus <amount> - buys bonus blocks.

Town Economy
Once again - as a town costs 1 gold per day to maintain, you need to set up a vault (guide here).
Currently - if you deposit money into the town without a town vault the gold will vanish.
To earn money through your town, you could either tax your members or sell plots. Or both!

/town deposit <amount> - Deposit gold into the town bank.
/town withdraw <amount> - Withdraw gold from the town bank.
/town toggle taxpercent - Toggles whether the taxes are defined with a percentage or a fixed amount.
/town set taxes <amount> - Set a global tax for all members in your town.
/town set plottax/shoptax/embassytax <amount> - Set taxes per plot
/plot fs <price>
- Puts a plot up for sale.
/plot nfs - Reverts the above.

Plot Types
There are six different plot types;
  • Residential
    This is where the members of your town live and build their housing in.
  • Shop
    Are obviously for shops, but are one of the two plots able to be owned if not a member of the town.
  • Embassy
    Is the second plot allowing for outsiders to own, mostly used for other town mayors to attract people via a nice building or a teleporter.
  • Wilds
    A wilds plot allows anyone to build or destroy and should be assigned with care, useful for a town-wide farm for example.
  • Arena
    Turn on PvP and build a large arena for some PvP enjoyment!
  • Spleef
    Is mostly cosmetic, but allows snow for example to be destroyed without custom permissions.
Most of these are merely cosmetic, with appropriate prompts in chat.
While it is recommended to use these it is possible to acquire the same effects with custom town/plot permissions.

Miscellaneous Commands
These are the most basic uses, feel free to play around with the settings and commands.
There's a minimal risk to screw something up beyond being able to revert it.
If you do get stuck, consult a member of the staff or in the general chat.

/town - General town control.
/plot - General plot commands
/plot set perm - Set custom permissions per plot.
/resident ? - General resident commands.
/town spawn - Teleports you to your town.


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To it Bukkit Chestshop we are using for shops? If so, am I correct in thinking that we can set our own exchange currency on each item? (For example, I can ask for acacia wood in exchange for oak wood etc?) Do we need to set up a payment chest or do payments go in to the town vault? Thanks in advance. :)
payments go to your vault which if you want in the town you need to do manually. As for chestshop doing exchanges idk. It uses gold as far as i know because that is our currency.