lol ɹoʇɐɹʇsıuıɯpɐ
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Haven't been many announcements lately - not even that we're back in action!
But as you've noticed - we are, and the server has been running pretty neatly lately (this time with twice-a-day offsite backups :eek:).

I check in every now and then when I find time between working, playing different games and also some modded Minecraft (and of course a whole lot of booze).

Just swinging by to wish ya'll happy building and a (very soon to come) great summer!
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Next time u do check in, tell me if u like what i'm doing with the village...
I made a sort of merchant district right in the middle... the future "downtown", and i sold a couple of shops already.Plus i got mine.
Do u want a shop?
do u like the roofing style? i'm kinda stuck in a no man's land , between medieval and steampunk, right now.

Tear down things and modify as u wish :D
just experimenting...

One last thing....
hypereconomy comes with dinamic pricing, and all prices already set for the items....
might be easier modify the mob money drop? instead of making all the aspiring merchants change ALL the prices in their shop?

Am i making any sense? Just a tought. Cya soon i hope!