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Goood lord it's been long since an update!

Today the server has undergone a complete and well-needed overhaul, since stuff have been stacked over the years.
Most of the plugins have been replaced with up-to-date ones and the game has been stuffed into new hardware, new disks and new databases.
The last database is currently being imported (about 4-5h left) and after that it should all be back in action.

Nothing on your end should have been changed - though let me know should anything seem odd or out of order.
As the plugin controlling permissions has been replaced any oddities regarding that would be highly appreciated if reported!

As you've noticed we've been running 1.13 for a small while - and the Mining world has today been reset to reflect the changes from the update.

Hope you're all doing well - and stay warm!
Happy building. :)
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lol ɹoʇɐɹʇsıuıɯpɐ
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It's unfortunately still importing the database, 4-5h was a bit of an optimistic guesstimate!
We're 20GB in and I'm actually not certain how much more we still have before it's completed.
It's basically the database for all block changes since the dawn of time - therefore the size. :)

The link actually hasn't been there since the remake of the forums but will be added as soon as the server is up and running again!