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  1. Hybrid Warrior

  2. Hybrid Warrior

    I think it's important to still have the random teleportation when player start to avoid bunching, but aside from that I think teleports just make the unused portions of the map stale since nobody bothers going through it when traveling. If we decide to regen unused portions of the map, I'd...
  3. Hybrid Warrior

    I'm fine with transferring old structures to a new map, My entire build is on an island so as long as there is an ocean or similar biome I'm fine with a soft reboot. Regenerating terrain on the current map for unused areas would require some testing off server since I think world gen is...
  4. Hybrid Warrior

    Worldwide Rail System

    I think this is a great start, would posting pictures of potential design ideas on this thread be a good idea or should we make another? Just to give an idea of what can fit into the guidelines you put forth.
  5. Hybrid Warrior

    Black Jackals

    Alright just curious
  6. Hybrid Warrior

    Black Jackals

    Do you know why Foxs_87 was banned? just curious
  7. Hybrid Warrior

    Regenerating existing oceans?

    Absolutely, so I think it's fair that we can maybe request surrounding oceans around individual territories to be regenerated by their owners
  8. Hybrid Warrior

    Regenerating existing oceans?

    From what I can tell with the new 1.13 update, the terrain generation appears virtually the same, meaning that it may be possible to regenerate chunks with ocean biome in it to generate with the new ocean features. If this really is the case, we could possible not only expand the world border...
  9. Hybrid Warrior

    Supergirlkara and AubreyTheGoat

    A couple of kids found the server and have for some reason decided to grief mineworld (pretty stupid nothing exists there). They are immature and should be kept from rejoining the server.
  10. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Everything gone instantly upon death

    Elaborated description: After people die on the server their items disappear regardless of them reaching their death spot within 5 minutes. Is the issue persistent? yes Additional information:
  11. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Grief?

    Bump - nothing has seemed to be done to resolve this. Additionally, Foxs_87 has had his town claims removed from the map too.
  12. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Grief?

    Elaborated description: -1546, 2008 are neme's town's coordinates. However, it appears that this land that only a few days ago was fully built by neme, with shops and plenty of structures. It has since disappeared, leaving only stray bits of buildings and villagers. It's weird to look at, it's...
  13. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] [Towny] Locked in Safe Mode

    Elaborated description: when i log into the server i get a message that says [towny] locked in safe mode I am unable to move or teleport, don't know how to fix Is the issue persistent? yes Additional information:
  14. Hybrid Warrior

    Freelance book enchants

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I am willing to accept any trade offers in exchange for an enchant you are looking for on a book. I accept diamonds, building blocks like bricks, stone, spruce oak and dark oak logs, dirt, as well as my favorite: Dark Prismarine or...
  15. Hybrid Warrior

    Get rid of world border in MINE?

    Agreed, and I think it's best if the main world is kept as is until at least the Aquatic update with updated seas, or an even larger biome update. Maybe it's best to just wait for the main world to need expansion for a biome update, there is no rush.
  16. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Server down

    Elaborated description: Server has been down for most of the day Is the issue persistent? Yes it appears so Additional information:
  17. Hybrid Warrior

    Get rid of world border in MINE?

    I decided to test out how far away the woodland mansions would be from spawn. They tend to be between 10,000 blocks to 18,000 blocks from the spawn point on any given map. I don't think it's very likely that we would be able to find woodland mansions just by chance on Mine world given the...
  18. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] 1.12 update separated all of the worlds.

    This issue is also happening for me. Someone messed up the spawn area too.
  19. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Money Mobs not Working

    I got around 1800 for my town, which gives me less than a year of function, and new players have no way of earning money so they can't pay taxes lol I really appreciate the offer!
  20. Hybrid Warrior

    Bringing people back to anembra

    Hey guys, the server has become much more active recently, we have a decent group of people during some hours of the day and we've established a very nice trading community. However, we have found it concerning that we do not currently have a way of earning economy money. As a result, town money...