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    Our local landscape.

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    Game Play Questions.

    Before I invest anymore time to building on the various on going projects I would like some clarification on game play. As this is the first server I have played on I am probably unaware of the usual course of play so please bare with me. 1. Is this a building server or a conflict server or...
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    We keep rolling back those nuggets!
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    Hey there, Kapten Knas told Twinnie Mom that the twinnies would be ok in our town supervised. Their minecraft names are ilovemoms10 and heather912345. Verifying that it's OK and if so do we register them separately on the page here to get them white listed. We actually need them to show us how...
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    Rune Craft Tool Recipes.
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    [Town] Amberton

    We are just a small Celtic settlement of traders. Once we get set up we hope to invite some relatives from across the sea to join us. It won't be an invasion....honest.
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    Bobzurunkl's Application

    IGN? Bobzurunkl Age? 58 Why Anembra? to join my wife playing here How did you find us? wife Secret code? 10Bob If referred by a player, post his/her IGN? GamerMom/TwinnieMom Feel free to add any other information, or links to screenshots of previous creations...