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    [Resolved] /home isn't working

    Elaborated description: When you type /home it says you do not have permission to use this command, I know it was mentioned in a discussion about removing teleports, did this happen or is this actually an problem? Is the issue persistent? yup, tried both homes Additional information: none
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    [Resolved] Lobby random teleport not working

    Elaborated description: A new player joined the server and was unable to leave the lobby or mine world because the sign in the lobby was not teleporting correctly. Is the issue persistent? Yes, I tested it as well, it wouldn't work.
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    [Resolved] Towns lost all their money?

    Elaborated description: So I was buying property and I ran out of money, Im thinking the the currency switch removed all of the money from the towns and reset it to $40. I had over $10k Is the issue persistent? As far as I've seen all of the towns have $40 Additional information: Im guessing...
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    [Resolved] 1.12 update separated all of the worlds.

    Elaborated description: Everyone is stuck in spawn, no teleports work it just keeps saying invalid world. The random teleport takes you to the ground below the tree where there's hundreds of mobs waiting to attack. There's no protection in spawn either. Is the issue persistent? Yes, it keeps...
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    [Resolved] Money not plugin not working

    Elaborated description: Ever since the update to 1.9.4 money has not been dropping from mobs. Is the issue persistant? Yes, it is persistent Additional information:
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    Problem with Runecraft?

    I was unable to post this in problems. It appears runes aren't working. Ive only tried to teleport, use rune of flight, and the compass. could someone look into this? @Fayettemat @Kapten_Knas