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    Lobby griefed?

    I just happened to spawn into our lobby and it seemed to be almost completely destroyed :(
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    Check in

    still here
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    Server down (December 2019)

    No problems! Thank you :D
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    Server down (December 2019)

    Hello! I've been trying to get online for a while now but with little success. Any news? :)
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    [Open] No Stronghold

    There's also a portal at XYZ 4990, 27, 109. I haven't dared to jump in there for a long time but it used to work properly and seems to be working as of now too.
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    Get rid of world border in MINE?

    1.11 came out, was excited to find one of those Woodland Mansions. Got myself two exploration maps. Sadly, both quests came to and end as I was stopped by the world border. I dunno what is the density of those structures ergo how many actually fit withing the current Mine world, but since its...
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    Automated End World Reset

    The one that is in the main world, or the one in The End where you spawn? Because there are plenty in the main world.
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    Automated End World Reset

    I do believe that those who play would be interested to have The End be reset automatically - let's say each 10 days. But it could as well be reset every 1st of the month, just like the Mine World. The question here is whether more frequent resets will be a benefit to all players who wish to...
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    [Resolved] Stuck in the Mine World

    Elaborated description: Last time I logged out, I was in the mine world. Now the reset has happened and when I log in, I start suffocating. Any way out of this? Is the issue persistent? It is Additional information: Not really a "bug" kind of problem, but thought it'd fit into this topic.
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    New rewards

    Hey all! :) Here are some ideas for voting rewards. I've divided them into categories. Common 16 slime balls 16 cooked fish 16 gunpowder 1 blaze rod 8 apples Less common (current equivalent: name tag) 1 cake 1 eye of ender 16 glowstone dust Rare (current equivalent: diamond) 1 emerald 1...
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    [Resolved] Voting rewards

    Elaborated description: It seems like the enchanted book rewards aren't working. It tells you that you've received it, but it doesn't appear in the inventory. Is the issue persistant? Only twice have I gotten the enchanted book achievement (one was "silky" or something) and both of the times...
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    [Resolved] TNT not working

    Works like a charm :) thanks Kap
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    [Resolved] TNT not working

    Hmm, it's still happening for me :/ Oh and I must specify, this happens in wilderness area. In claimed Towny areas there is no such problem.
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    [Resolved] TNT not working

    They start reappearing right after the explosion at a rate of ca. 1 block per second.
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    [Resolved] TNT not working

    Elaborated description: Whenever I use TNT, destroyed blocks start reappearing after some time. Is the issue persistant? So far it has happened every time I tried to use TNT. Additional information: If it's a plugin then I don't see the need for it. Some of us have bigger terraforming projects...
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    Lift plugin

    Welp...It's a shame they haven't updated it. But I did some digging around and found this elevator design that wouldn't be possible without a bug in 1.9 . Very convenient:
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    Lift plugin

    Hi It seems that we're still missing the lift plugin. So I propose to add one. Even though the old one was fine, I have found another one that lets you make private elevators and custom floors - I think the more customization the better and therefore would recommend using this one...
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    Node crash

    Hey Kap :) Undoubtedly it is sad to see the world go, but the important thing is that Anembra stays. I'm (definitely all of us are) grateful that you still have the energy and will to keep Anembra running and I believe that everybody will do his/her best to turn what happened into an...
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    Rubillus's Application

    Alerghty :) many thanks
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    Rubillus's Application

    IGN? Rubillus Age? 18 Why Anembra? I've been an on/off member of this server for over three years now (formerly known as CUBE) and this server,its community have earned a special place in my life. And even though I have less free time now, I'd like to experience some of that nostalgia now and...