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  1. Kapten_Knas

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Nether & more

    Ahoy there ya'll! The server will shortly be updated to 1.16.1 after some testing. A reset of the current nether will be done along with the update to ensure the new stuff is generated. As @J1015814 mentioned in his post the automatic refreshes of the Mine World hasn't been working for a long...
  2. Kapten_Knas

    [Open] Use this form for issue reporting

    Elaborated description: Is the issue persistent? Additional information:
  3. Kapten_Knas

    Goood lord it's been long since an update! Today the server has undergone a complete and well-needed overhaul, since stuff have been stacked over the years. Most of the plugins have been replaced with up-to-date ones and the game has been stuffed into new hardware, new disks and new databases...
  4. Kapten_Knas

    Ahoy sunshines! I hope you're all enjoying the summer. :) 1.13 is slowly creeping upon us and we will of course upgrade when released, therefore I have a few thoughts. Even though we're quite few casually playing I still want to poll what to do with the map as the release contains fairly...
  5. Kapten_Knas

    Ahoooooooooy... peoples! Quick update for those still lurking around and/or playing, a quick update; A few server issues a week back resulted in a longer downtime and a couple small ones followed, these bugs should all now be squashed and the server seems to be running as intended. I've updated most...
  6. Kapten_Knas

    Slightly belated

    But I hope y'all had a great christmas, aaand I wish you a lovely upcoming New Year celebration! Also, server has been brought up to 1.11.2 as of today. :)
  7. Kapten_Knas

    Server updated to 1.11

    Server is updated to 1.11! The server will keep itself updated with the latest builds each restart as 1.11 is still under development - let me know if anything seems odd through the and I'll have a look. Preferably through the Problem-section. The chat is currently a bit bugged and may look...
  8. Kapten_Knas

    Resource world reset

    Ahoy again! Quick announcement and information that the reset process of the Mine World (/warp mine) is going to be automated. What this means is that the first day every month at 9 a.m. (CET+1) the server will automatically shut down and generate a new mineworld. The script hasn't been fully...
  9. Kapten_Knas

    Plugin update

    Ahoy! I've been trying to find alternatives for Power Tools (Runecraft) a while and has now found a plugin that does something somewhat similiar! Simply create a golden tool and receive the following powers: Golden axe: Chop a whole tree. Golden sword: Very low chance of dropping a spawn egg...
  10. Kapten_Knas


    1.10 unexpectedly released tonight and it seems Spigot-developers have been quick at updating. I'm expecting to be able to update the server this weekend. Happy building!
  11. Kapten_Knas


    Haven't been many announcements lately - not even that we're back in action! But as you've noticed - we are, and the server has been running pretty neatly lately (this time with twice-a-day offsite backups :eek:). I check in every now and then when I find time between working, playing different...
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    Banned, ref;
  13. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] Problem with the issue reporting

    Elaborated description: Clicking the form gave MySQL-error. Is the issue persistant? Yes. Additional information: Should be resolved.
  14. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] Pausing/stopping furnaces

    Elaborated description: Furnaces seem to not want to start and/or pauses upon unloading of the chunk. Not sure what causes it but it seems core-related, wil see if future Spigot updates resolves the issue. Lemme know if it happens for you as well. Is the issue persistant? No, sporadically...
  15. Kapten_Knas

    Node crash

    Well. I recently received this email; This basically means the whole node crashed for the current host. Initially - I thought this would mean no problem, as I had backups going to my webserver and vice versa. Whilst trying to connect to I noticed the website(s) were also down...
  16. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] No vote rewards

    Elaborated description: Votifier does not register votes/trigger VoteRoulette. Firewall rules maybe? Is the issue persistant? Yes. Additional information:
  17. Kapten_Knas


    Hello peoples! As a few has pointed out the population is running a tad low and people would want to see some new faces. Therefore we've decided to try a greylist solution, allowing people to log on the server without having to apply for whitelist. The only way they'll be able to actually...
  18. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] Scheduled restarts not working

    Elaborated description: The automatic restarts scripted by nsgb are currently not functional. Will require manual restarts until further notice. The issue will most likely not be fixed until things have been figured out regarding the physical location of the server. Is the issue persistant...
  19. Kapten_Knas

    General update (2/2)

    Hayo peoples! Time for a bit of an update; Forum downtime I guess you inevitably noticed that the forum was down for a lengthy period. The host of our VPS oddly got all their IP's revoked and had to be assigned new ones. I unfortunately left very shortly after this to Thailand for my vacation...
  20. Kapten_Knas

    Anembra - Minecraft - 1.8

    Hello there peoples! It's been an awful while since the last time we saw eachother - so here's a lil' update. As I've said before - Anembra's not going anywhere, it's latest versions are designed more or less to be self-sustained and work without much attention needed externally. And it seems...