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  1. Hybrid Warrior

    Server is Still down [Resolved]

    Elaborated description: The server has been offline for a few days now Is the issue persistent? Yes Additional information:
  2. Hybrid Warrior

    Server Difficulty Setting

    Currently the server is set to normal difficulty, but I think it would be nice to bump it up to Hard. I feel that the game has very little risk at the moment simply because nothing can kill me, and It would be nice to have a challenge. What do you think?
  3. Hybrid Warrior

    [Open] No Stronghold

    Elaborated description: It appears that when the terrain over the enderportal was regenerated the stronghold was not present in the new chunks. Unfortunately, this was the only end portal our map had. As such, we can no longer access the end. I was also hoping to restore a natural stronghold so...
  4. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Server Down

    The server appears to be offline
  5. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Mob Money doesn't work

    Elaborated description: Towny is still collecting money but mobs have not been dropping money. I've been playing pretty much every day for the summer. Is the issue persistent? yes Additional information:
  6. Hybrid Warrior

    Buying Dark Prismarine and Hardened Clay blocks

    I'm willing to trade for diamonds, emeralds, iron, gold, or enchanted books! Name your price
  7. Hybrid Warrior

    Regenerating existing oceans?

    From what I can tell with the new 1.13 update, the terrain generation appears virtually the same, meaning that it may be possible to regenerate chunks with ocean biome in it to generate with the new ocean features. If this really is the case, we could possible not only expand the world border...
  8. Hybrid Warrior

    Supergirlkara and AubreyTheGoat

    A couple of kids found the server and have for some reason decided to grief mineworld (pretty stupid nothing exists there). They are immature and should be kept from rejoining the server.
  9. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Grief?

    Elaborated description: -1546, 2008 are neme's town's coordinates. However, it appears that this land that only a few days ago was fully built by neme, with shops and plenty of structures. It has since disappeared, leaving only stray bits of buildings and villagers. It's weird to look at, it's...
  10. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] [Towny] Locked in Safe Mode

    Elaborated description: when i log into the server i get a message that says [towny] locked in safe mode I am unable to move or teleport, don't know how to fix Is the issue persistent? yes Additional information:
  11. Hybrid Warrior

    Freelance book enchants

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I am willing to accept any trade offers in exchange for an enchant you are looking for on a book. I accept diamonds, building blocks like bricks, stone, spruce oak and dark oak logs, dirt, as well as my favorite: Dark Prismarine or...
  12. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Server down

    Elaborated description: Server has been down for most of the day Is the issue persistent? Yes it appears so Additional information:
  13. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Money Mobs not Working

    Elaborated description: I have noticed that the money mobs plug in is not working anymore, is this intentional? Is the issue persistent? It's been this way for a while now Additional information:
  14. Hybrid Warrior

    Dark Prismarine

    Also looking for lots of Dark Prismarine or Prismarine Shards, Willing to negotiate for any price.
  15. Hybrid Warrior

    Elytra and Shulker Shells

    I am interested in trading diamonds for some Elytra and Shulker Shells. I can negotiate a price.
  16. Hybrid Warrior

    [Resolved] Nether Portal Glitch

    Elaborated description: Some nether portals will glitch out and make you fall into the void. I lost all my valuable items because of this glitch. Is the issue persistent? No, It seems that it only applies to certain portals, the ones on the outer most edge of the map, where I established...