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  1. redhand0421

    Check in

    Oh man, I love this. Miss you all - I regularly look back at this being one of the best communities. Glad to see folks are still alive and kicking.
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    Hello again, friends. :)

    Hello again, friends. :)
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    Server Icon

    Why doesn't Anembra have its own snazzy server icon! I logged on one day asking this question and decided to pop off for a few minutes and make one of my own. This image just need be downloaded and put in the main server directory. Then, on next restart, the icon should update! (note, must be...
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    Our (PC) Systems and Setups

    Nope, only HDMI and Thunderbolt. I have it connected via HDMI at the moment because I'm having issues with the thunderbolt.
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    Our (PC) Systems and Setups

    Absolutely sick. I've wanted to build a multi-monitor setup for a good while now. Anywho, this is all I got. Early 2013 Tier 2 MacBook Pro. Processor: 2.6GHz intel Core i5 RAM: 8GB Hard Disk: SSD, 256gb GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024MB :( My Dorm:
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    Time for this phoenix to rise from the ashes...

    Sorry for the double-post, but I've just had a couple of friends to announce their return to Anembra and return on projects they had started a while ago. They were ecstatic to learn that the server had not been wiped and their builds still remained, and cited that as one of their main reasons of...
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    restart command

    I'm looking to counter issues like yesterday where the server had been running for 3 1/2 days, was utilizing all 4gb of ram, and running at 4-6tps. I don't think the manual restarts should be something commonly used, but for instances like this when something malfunctions, we can use that manual...
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    restart command

    That's how it's currently set up to my knowledge. That's pretty standard these days.
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    Time for this phoenix to rise from the ashes...

    There are a lot of truly amazing builds on the server for sure, and it really would be a shame to lose it all. That being said, I too am feeling rather spoiled by what we currently have. From Teralon to Elysium to Amberton (which has regrettably disappeared), there's been a lot of time dedicated...
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    restart command

    Alright, time to tone it down with the he-said-she-said. @Kapten_Knas and @nsgb have run Anembra/Tekkitopia/Seregon servers for a pretty long time themselves, and regardless of my expertise, I've found that they make very informed decisions based on the state of their servers. Back on topic. I...
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    restart command

    Proposed voting system so that if more than half of the voting players after 1-2 minutes vote to restart the server, there's a restart.
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    Time for this phoenix to rise from the ashes...

    There are some truly incredible builds on Anembra that I would definitely like preserved. But with that said, I'm also ready to start anew as well. While I'm not a huge fan of central megabuilds (most of my builds are very biome-inspired), I do agree that it would be really nice to find a way...
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    Knas or Nsgb for President?

    I see how it is. No mention of dear old red.
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    I'll miss you Twinnie!!!! Take care of everyone, I hope to see you all on again sometime!
  16. redhand0421

    Anembra - Minecraft - 1.8

    Yippee!!! I'll be on as soon as I can be!
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    Minecraft 1.8

    Hey all! The time has come back around that I'm missing all of my Anembra/Seregon friends! I've played a little bit on my own temporary server with @xRetna and @General_Bacon343 but I'm missing the grandness that accompanies playing with you good folk. I was wondering if there were plans to...
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    Pics of our IRL Pets

    Since I left for college, my beloved cat has deceased. That said, here's an equally crazy-eyed picture of the two of us. :3 Also, with Unt1tled.
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    Earlier, I suggested some kind of insurance system. I'll try to dig up the thread.
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    [Resolved] Desecration of Spazz's Sacred Ball

    I can give you the iron blocks, gold block, and brewing stands, just tell me where and they're yours again!