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  1. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] treecapitator broke

    New version released and uploaded, lemme know how it goes!
  2. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] treecapitator broke

    Seems to be a general issue with the plugin and 1.19.3, does nothing at all happen when chopping wood?
  3. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] server down again

    Apparently a tricky one judging by the solution time. All good now hopefully!
  4. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] server down again

    Right, seems to be an issue on the ISP end. It seems it's non-accessible from a few places. I've raised a ticket and it should hopefully be resolved soon.
  5. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] server down again

    That is oddly peculiar, can't see that it has been offline at all. How's now?
  6. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] server down

    Should be sorted - along with an upgrade! :)
  7. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] latest update broke an addon

    Seems to be working as intended, chopping wood with bare hands is the fundament for the game in it's entirety - anything else is according to me imbalanced gameplay and you deserve to have the rewards taken away. Jokes aside, let me know if it works like it used to. ;-)
  8. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] livemap and mineworld problems

    Ahoy there mate! I've been intending to both resolve this earlier and other maintenance, though I haven't had physical access to the server until now. It should all be up and running with all the latest updates - and even moved to new hardware and location. It should hopefully run even smoother...
  9. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] Server down 3/13/2021

    Indeed it was, server hotfixed and should be up & running again. :)
  10. Kapten_Knas

    [Deprecated] Nether portals don't work

    Try now - lemme know how they behave. :)
  11. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] Livemap down

    Dynmap along with other addons are now updated and we're back in action, the map should be accessible again. :)
  12. Kapten_Knas

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Nether & more

    Ahoy there ya'll! The server will shortly be updated to 1.16.1 after some testing. A reset of the current nether will be done along with the update to ensure the new stuff is generated. As @J1015814 mentioned in his post the automatic refreshes of the Mine World hasn't been working for a long...
  13. Kapten_Knas

    Check in

    Alive and kicking! :)
  14. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] Server down (December 2019)

    Apologies for that - it's back up and running and also updated to 1.15.1. :)
  15. Kapten_Knas

    about 1.14...

    Yes - it will be possible to expand, there will just be no cost for it anymore. :)
  16. Kapten_Knas

    about 1.14...

    After some further reading it seems there is a plugin that can assist with this, though it seems very resource-intensive. There's a scheduled server upgrade in about a month and I'll implement the plugin at the same time. It has hooks for Towny which keeps it's chunks regardless of last visited...
  17. Kapten_Knas

    about 1.14...

    Ah! Now that's definitely an easier approach. :) Is there an easy way to figure out what chunks are unused? Any coord <-> chunk calculator?
  18. Kapten_Knas

    about 1.14...

    Ahoy there lads! Sorry about the absence. :) I'm with Fronts regarding the full map reset, that's nothing I'd want to see either. Copying and pasting items over to a map with the same seed is doable per se - the thing is that it's very time-consuming. At the current time I'm swamped IRL and...
  19. Kapten_Knas

    [Deprecated] No Stronghold

    This is an odd one - where does the ender pearls take you instead? And is this regarding Main to End or Mine to End?
  20. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] Mob Money doesn't work

    Is it still not generating anything, since 1.14?