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  1. Kapten_Knas

    [Open] lost my trident to lag

    I'll make sure to leave a chest for you with the item, I'll post the coordinates asap. :)
  2. Kapten_Knas

    [Open] chunk reverted

    Nooo idea what might have happened here - I don't suspect Towny had anything to do with it though. Do you have the coordinates?
  3. Kapten_Knas

    [Open] mine world + nether need refresh

    The automatic rotation of the mine previously active on the Mine world also included The End and Nether. With the removal of the rotation of the Mine world the rest ceased to rotate as well, I'll be rebuilding the functionality shortly. :)
  4. Kapten_Knas

    [Open] lost my trident to lag

    We'll sort that out. :) Do you recall the enchantments you had?
  5. Kapten_Knas

    [Open] /t outpost (#) crashes

    Glad it works now - lemme know if it happens again. =)
  6. Kapten_Knas

    [Open] /t outpost (#) crashes

    Not sure what that means tbh! Server itself seems to be up, do you get any error messages? I'll see if I can hop on later on and try the command, don't think I have any outposts though.
  7. Kapten_Knas

    Worldwide Rail System

    I see! Well it's not a change I've implemented, apart from updating the plugin - I see no reason to limit the available chunks regardless. :)
  8. Kapten_Knas

    Worldwide Rail System

    :D I haven't changed it in a looong time, you sure it's not the same?
  9. Kapten_Knas

    Hello again!

    Ahoy there mate! I pop on every now and then at least for some building.
  10. Kapten_Knas

    Worldwide Rail System

    This is the design I've started building in Mirion, we could switch at a mountain before we meet up. :) The outbound track from Mirion will be on the right hand side.
  11. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] money spam

    Should be resolved. The (re)addition is a WIP and a few more changes to it will follow. :)
  12. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] livemap not working

    Resolved! :)
  13. Kapten_Knas

    Worldwide Rail System

    Changed my mind a bit when I started digging, as it tbh would be quite boring for such a distance underground. So I'm going at Y73! I guess I'm heading your way @J1015814? The plan is to stick to main land and Y73 as much as possible - incorporating any natural elements with tunnels through...
  14. Kapten_Knas

    Worldwide Rail System

    Correct. :)
  15. Kapten_Knas

    Definitely sounds related, let me know if you find any spots and I'll have a look. Server's accessible again - a bit of firewall shenanigans. :)
  16. Kapten_Knas

    Worldwide Rail System

    Probably equally as long as you'd want the above track to be safe. :D Though yeah, underground probably needs the least maintenance. Any suggested depth?
  17. Kapten_Knas

    Worldwide Rail System

    Yes, these will be back shortly!
  18. Kapten_Knas

    Alright! Do you happen to have any coordinates?
  19. Kapten_Knas

    Worldwide Rail System

    It's safe to build in the current world - updating unused terrain would prove very time-consuming. The only thing that I would wish to do is to expand the map to e.g. 10k by 10k, as we're running new hardware since 1.13 - with a lot more legroom. :)
  20. Kapten_Knas

    [Resolved] /home isn't working

    Resolved. :)