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  1. Morbid Sally

    Check in

    Its a family reunion!
  2. Morbid Sally

    UrSubconscious's Application

    White listed- Welcome:)
  3. Morbid Sally

    Time for this phoenix to rise from the ashes...

    Hello everyone! Morbid/Scat/Bryan here. As of recent (for a bit now) the servers activity has dropped due to some site and server issues that are now solved and being watched closely to prevent any more problems. With this being said it is time for us to start advertising this lovely server. Of...
  4. Morbid Sally


    Sorry to see you all go. Will definitely keep in touch <3
  5. Morbid Sally

    New Photo thread and Fan fiction weirdness!

    Here is the official image to go along with the reading! Atlas as the shirtless pyro and army as the soldier.
  6. Morbid Sally

    New Photo thread and Fan fiction weirdness!

    I'm down for some collabs! And I'm honored that I'm worthy of your appreciation!:)
  7. Morbid Sally

    New Photo thread and Fan fiction weirdness!

    After all kinds of real life stuff getting in the way I've finally made progress on my next video, Final Stand. Its being made in SFM, Valve's open source video tool with characters from TF2. Attached to the post is a rendered teaser from the beginnings of the video hopefully to be out within...
  8. Morbid Sally

    Kapten_Knas (test)'s Application

    Not old enough - gtfo
  9. Morbid Sally

    Adversary's Application

    Whitelisted - Enjoy!
  10. Morbid Sally

    Narniaboy1's Application

    While younger than our age range, I'm going to accept the application. Whitelisted - Enjoy!
  11. Morbid Sally

    blackgr31f's Application

    White listed. Enjoy!
  12. Morbid Sally

    Land & Sky - paintings by Bobzurunkl

    Looks awesome! Congrats!
  13. Morbid Sally

    Spektrous's Application

    Whitelisted! Enjoy!
  14. Morbid Sally

    Chaosfiend's Application

    We await your true arrival!
  15. Morbid Sally

    Balls2ThemWalls's Application

    Whitelisted! Enjoy.
  16. Morbid Sally

    Crunk3y's Application

    Whitelisted. Enjoy!
  17. Morbid Sally

    Chaosfiend's Application

    Welcome <3
  18. Morbid Sally

    Chaosfiend's Application

    Whitelisted! Enjoy!
  19. Morbid Sally

    I know we said next year but.....

    Congrats! That's ruddy awesome of you guys to let us join in on the ceremony as well! Best wishes.
  20. Morbid Sally

    New Photo thread and Fan fiction weirdness!

    Thanks! Hopefully ill get some more stuff up soon.