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  1. J

    [Resolved] latest update broke an addon

    It's all back to normal. Thanks!
  2. J

    [Resolved] latest update broke an addon

    Elaborated description: The tree-felling addon doesn't work after the update to 1.18.2. If you use an axe, the block will immediately reappear and not drop. So instead of using an axe to make a tree collapse, you need to use fists. Is the issue persistent? Yep. Additional information: The...
  3. J

    [Resolved] livemap and mineworld problems

    Elaborated description: - The livemap ( gives an "unable to connect" message. Also it isn't https, but I dunno how important that is to us. - Can't use "/warp mine" to get to the mine world, but my old /home save in there still works. It's in the nether, but when I...
  4. J

    Check in

    Time for my annual check-in.
  5. J

    [Deprecated] Nether portals don't work

    Elaborated description: Portals in the mine world don't do anything. Is the issue persistent? Yes. Additional information: I haven't tried making a portal in the main world.
  6. J

    [Resolved] Livemap down

    Elaborated description: Livemap isn't available. Is the issue persistent? Yea. Additional information: Tried a different browser, still couldn't reach it.
  7. J

    Check in

    Still kickin'
  8. J

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Nether & more

    Will the mine world also be added to the livemap? I remember a long time ago it used to be that way, but if it's not being done for good reason then I have no strong objection to it. It's just convenient.
  9. J

    Nether update

    I hereby propose that the mine world and its companion nether world be reset whenever we get the most recent update. The new nether is a very different beast, and I look forward to exploring it. Also, is the mine world supposed to be renewed automatically, or is it a manual process? It hasn't...
  10. J

    Lobby griefed?

    I did a rollback. Should be intact now.
  11. J

    Check in

    I'm here. Occupied with other games, but I do drop in from time to time.
  12. J

    [Resolved] Lobby needs an update

    Elaborated description: The information displayed to newcomers is in need of a review. There's some old info regarding voting and /tpa (both not working right now) Is the issue persistent? It ain't gonna fix itself ;) Additional information: There's a typo here and there as well, and perhaps...
  13. J

    [Resolved] Can't go to the nether

    Elaborated description: We can make portals, but standing in the purple stuff doesn't do anything but induce queasiness. Is the issue persistent? Noticed it today. Additional information: Holds true whether you're in main world or mine world.
  14. J

    [Resolved] Level-up fireworks

    Elaborated description: Every time a player levels up (from digging, hunting, fishing etc.) a firework launches, which is not a problem outside but can be dangerous in a mine. Is the issue persistent? Yes. Additional information: It started happening after the 1.14 updates, so it's probably...
  15. J

    about 1.14...

    There's got to be a way to survey the map for blocks added/removed/altered by players. With that info, it's a matter of mapping them to chunks and seeing what's left untouched. Would CoreProtect have a function like that?
  16. J

    about 1.14...

    There may be a simpler way: deleting the chunks that aren't developed/occupied/built on/towny'd That way, when someone gets near, the server will make the chunk and have it be the version we're running instead of the old stuff. The downside is that the livemap would be mostly dark as a result.
  17. J

    [Resolved] lifts aren't working

    Elaborated description: All my elevators stopped working a while ago. Is the issue persistent? Yes. Re-forming them doesn't work. Additional information: It's probably the plugin.
  18. J

    about 1.14...

    Kapten_Knas! What say you?
  19. J

    [Deprecated] No Stronghold

    There's strongholds, but ender pearls don't seem to lead to them. I plan on making an end portal one of the destinations for our rail system, someday. In the meantime, I can PM you the coordinates of the one I found.
  20. J

    [Resolved] chunk reverted

    Disregard, I decided to rebuild it. Wouldn't surprise me if the server forgot entirely.