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  1. Atlas

    Look what I did! :D

    Here are just some recent Photos of Elysium :D and other things i feel like posting about. Enjoy! This is The Castle :3 We all know i started the Castle like a million years ago.. well i finally finished the outside of it! :D
  2. Atlas

    [Deprecated] Unpopularity of Anembra! D:

    There is something terribly wrong! There's not very many people wanting to play on Anembra! And it's terrible! We must advertise :3 Idk let's go way back to a time of Tekkitopia Classic, I miss those days. So many people and so much activity! It was great! Sadly I wasn't here until after the...
  3. Atlas

    lol Ignore this just need URL

  4. Atlas


    As many of you know. PianoKitty, Yevn, and myself, all went to Prom Last night. We all had our separate dates, well, except yevn, but he had a lot of fun still, he is a dancing GOD! But we all have pictures from the night so we will all be posting them here! I need to go through and get some of...
  5. Atlas

    Atlas Construction Co.

    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Atlas Construction Co. is one of the only construction contractor companies in Anembra, with Local and global ambitions. Founded in Newhaven in late 2012. My name is atlas_hero1, and I am a...
  6. Atlas

    [Town] Elysium

    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the Beautiful City of Elysium _________________________________________________________________________________________________________...