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    about 1.14...

    Hey, I just wanted to check in and ask if the regen plugin was ever implemented? I noticed some new wonderful biome changes at the center of the map but have not seen any changes to my surrounding area.
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    Check in

    Still here!
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    Server is Still down [Resolved]

    Elaborated description: The server has been offline for a few days now Is the issue persistent? Yes Additional information:
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    Server Difficulty Setting

    Currently the server is set to normal difficulty, but I think it would be nice to bump it up to Hard. I feel that the game has very little risk at the moment simply because nothing can kill me, and It would be nice to have a challenge. What do you think?
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    about 1.14...

    It does cost money to expand, however getting money in the server is fixed. Both killing mobs and mining give you money. On mining expeditions, I have been able to earn close to $5000 in game currency. Additionally, it seems knas has increased the amount of plots we can purchase up to 1000, so...
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    about 1.14...

    This would be a great solution! However, I'm currently limited by how many Towny blocks I can claim, I'm just localized to an island but I haven't been able to claim it all
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    [Open] No Stronghold

    This was in regards to main to end. However, J10 informed me of the coordinates to a newly generated stronghold, but the ender eyes do not lead to it. Hopefully we can get the rail to it so players wont struggle to reach the end.
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    [Resolved] Mob Money doesn't work

    Nope it's been fixed entirely! The $$$ is flowing in now from both mobs and mining!
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    [Open] No Stronghold

    Elaborated description: It appears that when the terrain over the enderportal was regenerated the stronghold was not present in the new chunks. Unfortunately, this was the only end portal our map had. As such, we can no longer access the end. I was also hoping to restore a natural stronghold so...
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    [Resolved] Server Down

    The server appears to be offline
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    [Resolved] Mob Money doesn't work

    Elaborated description: Towny is still collecting money but mobs have not been dropping money. I've been playing pretty much every day for the summer. Is the issue persistent? yes Additional information:
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    Buying Dark Prismarine and Hardened Clay blocks

    I'm willing to trade for diamonds, emeralds, iron, gold, or enchanted books! Name your price
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    I'm good with that, I'd want all chunks from my island's terrain to get pasted over, the shore serves as the border
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    about 1.14...

    I'm so down for this, I think this is the best solution to the current issue since the overwhwhelming area on the map goes unused and is unbuilt on!
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    I think that they'd be able to copy over large portions of land in MCedit. My stuff isn't just builds it's also the terrain so I'm with you there danny